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More Joy, Creativity, Justice (Less Overwhelm) in 5 Simple Steps

Feeling overwhelmed and getting stuck in your comfort zone can be one of the biggest challenges to growing the life you want.

If you’re someone who cares about your wellbeing and that of your interconnected communities, you’ve probably already experienced the overwhelming pressure of trying to know and do everything (now!) in order to make a positive change.

Unfortunately, most social entrepreneurs, activists, farmers, and people who work for better relationships, make the costly mistake of taking on more than humanly possible. Without creating a plan based on your well being, all your extraordinary work can lead to lost opportunities, such as burnout, loss of motivation, conflict in relationships, and not having the capacity to take the nerve-wracking leaps to achieve your dreams.

That’s why I’ve created a simple, creative, and powerful planning process to walk you through 5 steps to help you focus, grow what’s good, set goals for different aspects of your life, and stay accountable to yourself. With this powerful plan you get unstuck, you reduce chances of burnout, you get clear on what you want and how to get there. It’s called “Powerful Planning: Your 5 simple steps to getting unstuck so that you can grow the good.”

This process has been practiced with food justice organizations, youth workers, holistic practitioners, individuals working through life conflicts, and many more, with outcomes that bloom resounding relief and inspiration. Now, I want to offer this tool to more people for free.

To get the free tool, head to my website (, click the “Subscribe” button, and enter your information. An email with the link will be sent to your inbox and you can begin getting unstuck and powerfully planning!

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