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In Short:

Paul Wartman (he/him) is a settler with transplanted European roots who works as a creative community facilitator and farmer in Centrelea Nova Scotia / Likalie'katik Mi’kma’ki. Paul works with organizations and communities in creative self-expression, cultural belonging, and food sovereignty. His services have facilitated social movements, organizations, schools, unions, community groups, farms, and many more to create action that is people-based, cooperative, and restorative.

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Call or Text: 902 974 1233

Centrelea, Nova Scotia, B0S 1C0

Mi'kma'ki, Canada, Turtle Island

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Paul 'Lion' Wartman (he/him)

Founder and Coordinator 
Facilitator, Educator, Social Artist, Farmer
B.Sc, M.Sc

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A Bit Longer:

I grew up lucky and privileged to be surrounded by gardens and forests, with families who cherish them. I also had the tragic chronic experience of being part of sprawling development contributing to mass deforestation of Southwest Ontario--one piece of ongoing colonization of Turtle Island.


Learning from the ongoing mistakes and lessons of a society I live in, I'm dedicated to reconnecting, regrowing, and reconciling with the land, water, air, and people. I work within community to design spaces and systems that help everyone to meet their needs in ways that are people and land-based, interdependent, and restorative in nature.

I've had the pleasure of growing food with food banks, research organizations, urban farms, CSA farms, and in home gardens for the past 10 years. My formal education is in regenerative agriculture and community engagement from the University of Guelph (B. Sc (H) 2012, and M.Sc 2015). Outside of university I am certified in Permaculture Design (2010) and as a Permaculture Teacher (2015), as well as being trained in Transition Town Initiatives, Anti-Oppression, and Creative Facilitation. Really huge appreciation to all of my teachers, mentors, and friends who help me to learn!

Trainings and Memberships:

The 5 Core Organizing Fundamentals Training, Organizing For Power (2023)

Mental Health First Aid, Canadian Mental Health Association (2021)

Leading Creative Online Programs, Partners for Youth Empowerment (2021)

Climate Change and Agriculture, National Farmers Union (2019)

Power of Hope Camp x 2 (2016, 2017)

Youth Program Quality Initiative (2016)

Anti-Oppression, Victoria BC Public Interest Research Group (2016)

Creative Facilitation 1 & 2, Partners for Youth Empowerment (2016)

Permaculture Teacher Training, Permaculture Institute of North American (2015)

Circle Process, Jennifer Ball (2015)

Non Violent Communication Training, Gina Cenciose (2014)

Transition Town Training, Transition Guelph (2014)

Anti-Oppression, Guelph Ontario Public Interest Research Group (2012)

Permaculture Design Course, Pacific Permaculture (2011)


A restorative and resilient society — one in which we meet our needs in a way that we care for each other, care for the land, and limit our use while sharing surpluses.

Action & Aspirations

To create spaces for people to connect, share skills and resources, and practice working cooperatively with people and community organizations to accelerate the transition to a restorative and resilient society.

  • Our ability to care and support is abundant, not scarce.

  • People can work well with other people to achieve unimaginable creativity.

  • Communication, especially our listening and observing with curiosity, is a base to change and can always improve.

  • Diversity is something we cherish and integrate, rather than segregate.

  • We meet challenge and controversy with empathy and creativity.

  • Everyone has something unique and important to contribute, not just a select few.

  • We live in systems of injustice and we choose to acknowledge them and redesign them by centring the voices of people historically and/or currently oppressed.

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