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I offer tools and services to make it easier to move towards more creativity, compassion, and justice in organizational culture and personal life.


Our cultural systems in North America / Turtle Island are abundantly layered with injustices and present complex opportunities for transformative change.

See below for how I can serve you, your team, board, staff, and members in co-creating a culture that is better for everyone.

I am continuing to learn how to make my services accessible for and accountable to my community.

While continuing to value and consider all participants, I hope to make my workshops welcoming for people who are: Black, Indigenous, people of colour (BIPOC or BIPGM), 2spirit/lesbian/gay/bi/trans/queer/intersex/asexual + (2SLGBTQIA+), english additional language (EAL), in need of visual interpretation, disabled by society or living with a disability, living with trauma, and, low-to-no income.

Please contact me if you or your group have specific needs so that I can best serve you.

Paul Wartman Community Facilitator
Individual Powerful Planning 

Accessibility Scale of Value

$25,  $67.50,  $150 + hst

/ 90 minutes

Many of us weren't taught how to find what brings us love and joy amongst the overwhelming supply of dread. Many just don't have the practice to make a space, set aside some time, reflect on what brings us that mmmm-yes-respect-appreciation-value-love-joy, and then plan our next steps from those feelings. This workshop brings the tools to the table to make creative planning easier, helps to focus on 'what's good', and gently put the real-world issues into perspective.

Perhaps, in this time more than ever, we need to imagine and create a future based on joy and justice.

Group Sessions 

Contact for service fees

Search the offerings below to get your group focused, inspired, and creative juices flowing!

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Professional Sessions

Strategic Planning

Facilitation Techniques  

Communication Models


Team Building 

Making a Safer Space  


Train the Trainers

and more!

Community Events

Social Justice Activities


Meeting Facilitation


Event MC'ing

Program Planning


Small or Large Gatherings


and more!

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Creative Arts Sessions

Land Poetry


Story Telling


Fun Activities


Self & Collective Care 




Reflection Tools and more!

Gardening, Land Care Skills

Introduction to Permaculture

Forest Gardening

Workshops & Talks


Planting and Care of Shrubs and Trees


Design Consultation & Referrals


One on One Sessions

Emotional Literacy & Better Relationships


Self Care


Powerful Planning Tool


Design Consultation & Referrals

Facilitation Coaching

and more!

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Need something that isn't listed?

Get in touch with me and we'll make it happen.


See something that pumps you up? 


Current & Past Projects & Events


  • Group breakout room facilitation on Food Sovereignty with Righting Relations Canada

  • Public Consultation with HoffmanHayes and City of Ottawa for Green Initiatives Projects

  • Strategic Planning with Farm to Feast Cafe

  • Community-Based Asset Mapping with North Shore Local Immigration Partnership, YMCA Halifax

  • Powerful Planning, Community Building, and Positive Leadership Workshop Series with Karma, SEED Project

  • Seeding Solidarity Composting Oppression Series with Many Ways Collective (Hannah Atkinson Renglich and Heather Thoma)

  • Strategic Planning and Coordination with La Via Campesina North American Youth 

  • Youth Coordinator with National Farmers Union

  • Program Facilitator for Dream Business Program with Mashup Lab

  • Event Group Discussion Facilitation / Soft Strategic Planning with ACORN (Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network)

  • Communication Workshop 5-Part Series with NFU Atlantic Youth

  • Powerful Planning with Create Action Youth and Employer Cohorts

  • Beyond Land Acknowledgements with Aric Aguonie  Earth Haven Farm and Ignatius New Farmer Training Program

  • Powerful Planning with Self Employment Benefit Program

  • Collective Care Mental Health Series on Zoom with The National Farmers Union

  • National Farmers Union Youth Caucus National Convention on Zoom 

  • National Farmers Union Youth Check-In & Focus: Solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour Members And Addressing Racism In Our Food Systems on Zoom

  • Owen, D., Trivett, G., Motskovits, L., Kenny, G., and Wartman, P. Mitaakuwaa Ohyasin--All Our Relations Community Workshop 

  • Bonaparte, J. and Wartman, P. Beyond Land Acknowledgements: Steps Farmers Can Take for Settler-Indigenous Justice at Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario Conference

  • MacInnis, J. and Wartman, P. Introduction and Powerful Planning Implementing UNDROP at La Via Campesina Youth Convergence

  • Diverse Woody Perennials in Agriculture at Organic Recycling Conference

  • Planning From Joy with Resilience Festival

  • Introduction to Permaculture with Minga Skill Building Hub

  • Introduction to Permaculture with Waterloo University Environmental Students

  • NFU Youth Retreat: Orientation, Climate Change embodied learning, and Closing sessions

  • Creative Planning for Diversity and Inclusion with National Farmers' Union (Ontario Local 344)

  • Intro to Permaculture Design with Shared Value Solutions

  • Agroforestry and Indigenous Solidarity with The Nutshell, Savanna Institute

  • Opening the Gender Binary & Consent, Boundaries, and Celebrating No with Out On The Shelf

  • Visioning Session: What's in hand and how do we get to where we want to be. National Farmers' Union Local 344

  • Fair Shot Activity: Organizational structure and power dynamics. National Farmers Union Youth Retreat

  • Consent, Boundaries, and Celebrating No

  • Power of Hope Camp. Cortez, BC. Klahoose Territory. July 2017. (60 youth participants for 7 days)

    • workshops on: consent and boundaries, opening the gender binary, sustainable development, creative expression, tree propagation, social justice, and creative community processes.

  • Ahmed, T., Gold, N. and Wartman, P. Spring Justice Camp with Puppets for Peace

  • Non-Violent Communication and Boundaries in the Workplace workshop with BladeRunners at John Howard Society

  • Norman, J. and Wartman, P. “Who Makes the Rules” workshop via The Didi Society at St. Margaret’s High School

  • Creating Community workshop with BladeRunners at John Howard Society

  • Norman, J. and Wartman, P. “Fair Shot” workshop via The Didi Society at Teachers Professional Development

  • Sharmila, E. and Wartman, P. “Who Makes the Rules” workshop via The Didi Society at Victoria High School

  • Social Justice Youth Leadership Training with The Didi Society

  • Power of Hope Camp. Cortez, BC. Klahoose Territory. July 2016. (60 youth participants for 7 days)

    • workshops on: water and forests, landscape patterns and poetry, felting, and creative expression using stories and visual art.

  • Social Justice Youth Conference with The Didi Society. Victoria, BC. Lekwungen Territory. Feb 20, 2016. (120 youth participants)

  • Headwaters Collective programming with the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association. Victoria, BC. Lekwungen Territory. Nov 2015 – June 2017. (3 paid youth members weekly)

  • Youth Zone programming with the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association. Victoria, BC. Lekwungen Territory. Sept 2015 – June 2017. (15 youth participants daily)

  • Nature Adventure Camp part of James Bay Community School

  • Sutton, K. and Wartman P.  “A Wish for My Community” workshop

  • City of Guelph Public Food Forest Open House. “What is a Food Forest?”

  • Destress ‘n’ Express: Hillside Festival Workshop

  • Holy Trinity School with The Julien Project. Farming and Social Skills School

  • Mississippi – Project Serve, Student Life, University of Guelph. “Talking Sustainability”

  • Guelph high schools for H2Awesome, Wellington Water Watchers. “Forest Forest Water workshop”

  • Forest Garden Systems in Agriculture. Food Institute, University of Guelph

  • Global Development Symposium: Critical links between animal and human health

  • What are Forest Garden Systems. Elora Tree Community Group

  • TEDx GuelphU

  • IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leaders Training

  • Community Garden Design Charrette. UofG Student Foodbank 

  • Food forest research plot tour. Farms, Food, and Fun Tour. Guelph Wellington Food Round Table

  • Placed top 15 in Sustainable Design Awards 2013. OCAD University

  • Ecosource Iceland Teaching Garden tour of Food Forest Research with McMaster Serve

  • Urban gardens for community sustainability and food security. Fluxus Garden Resource Fair and Harvest Feast

  • Ecosource Iceland Teaching Garden tour of Food Forest Research

  • Introduction to Edible Forest Garden and Design Charrette. Guelph Community Orchard Project

  • Edible Campuses and Food Projects. National Student Food Summit. Meal Exchange

  • Food Forest Design Workshop. Ignatius Farm

  • Food Forest For You: Hillside Festival Workshop

  • Ecosource Iceland Teaching Garden tour of Food Forest Research

  • Outdoor community showing of Edible Forest Gardening video for Many Rivers Permaculture

  • Worker Bee sessions helping out with site maintenance and food forest lessons throughout Summer 2013

  • Wartman, P. Sprouting and Seedling Starter Kit for Food Security. Hunger Awareness Week

  • Permaculture Workshop: Pattern and Observation in Design


  • "A truly professional facilitator!  Paul created a mental health course for the NFU that brought out the very best in every participant.  Who knew mental health could be so much fun?  Paul's positive, arts-based, engaging workshop series had us building our health toolbelt.  We all came away stronger, invigorated, and with the tools we needed to take on a pandemic. Paul facilitated with enormous skill and generosity.  He's a great leader and listener -- a mix of skill sets so very needed in this role.  I would recommend him for any facilitation you need.  He will come prepared and keen to help you however you need." - Mara Shaw, Executive Director, National Farmers Union

  • "Just wanted to reflect my experience during your Powerful Planning training last week. I find it really hard to connect and stay focused on Zoom but you made it engaging and personal. I learn better when I have an opportunity to be creative and relate directly to my self, and I really enjoyed the “monster/mirror/mountain” exercise. It also felt really good to hear you offer at the beginning that you could participate at your comfort level, which is a nice contrast to the *mandatory* training. Just wanted to offer you some feedback. Thanks for sharing your process, it was helpful :)" - Emma, Self Employment Benefit Program Participant

  • "Paul helped to facilitate creative group activities for the NFU young farmers convergence, and inspired everyone there!
    Paul made everyone feel seen and heard, and empowered everyone to have a voice! The activities he created were not only fun, but they created a magical experience that allowed us to be vulnerable with complete strangers, while introducing thought provoking concepts that allowed for our own personal reflection. 
    Would definitely recommend him to speak about anything! (Especially permaculture)" - Michelle, National Farmers Youth Retreat, March 2019.

  • "When attending a young farmers convergence earlier this month, I was lucky enough to observe Paul's facilitation style. Also a participant, I can say with confidence that the space he can help create is fertile, warming and safe. His tact and thoughtful manner never felt like he had any more power over other's in room, which take's a lot of personal inside and outside work. His work reflects that he has done this. He was as excited as the participants when spontaneous moments of 'magic' happened. That excitement was contagious. For me, Paul brought the heart out in a space that could have been overwhelming. He grounded the experience for me. Truly a gift. Thanks for all that you did, and are!" - Maddie, National Farmers Union Youth Retreat, March 2019.

  • "Paul - you are such a dynamic facilitator! Thank you for presenting in a non-judgemental way and making the concepts easy to grasp. I learned from our Consent discussion that “checking in” consistently is extremely important, makes both partners feel good, and does not always have to do with sex. In our Gender / Binary workshop, I learned just how fluid the word “gender” really is. Creating a more open, accepting space does take some thought. We can learn a lot from our friends. Paul, you managed a lot of strong personalities in a small room very effectively - good work in keeping the focus and conversation moving. Thank you for spending the time with us and see you at the next workshop." - Josh, Opening the Gender Binary & Consent workshops, 2018

  • "I recently participated in several activities facilitated by Paul. Being new to these types of exercises I was pleasantly surprised at how natural and accommodating an atmosphere Paul created while ensuring productive and meaningful interactions. It was a pleasure to share a positive experience and I would absolutely recommend spending some time chatting with him. Thanks again Paul!" - Robert, Opening Gender Binary & Consent workshops, 2018

  • "I recently consulted with Paul on facilitating a public discourse. His process was engaging and helped to bring out what I really cared about in my project, leading to meaningful and tangible outcomes that I was energized to put into action! Paul was able to offer a broad range of approaches and ideas. He was also willing to let his suggestions go and move on if they did not appeal or appear to fit." - Nathan, Conversation Club, 2018

  • "I attended Paul's workshop on Consent and Boundaries February 20, 2018 offered at the ADHD & Asperger's Centre in Guelph, and found him to be so full of energy and great ideas! He kept us on track with interactive exercises. I appreciate his perspective on the topic, his approach which welcomes men as well as women [+ non-binary folks] to learn about this important issue, and his reminder that consent can be changed at any time!" - Lauren, 2018

  • "At first, I didn't want the creative way, I wanted the normal way. But am I ever glad we went with your way! It was really empowering." - NFU local board member, 2018

  • “At first I felt uncomfortable but then I started to feel really good. I really appreciated that activity, it felt empowering and interesting.” – High school participant in community justice workshop, 2016.

  • “I felt that this activity gave a chance to recognize what community that I am in. I felt closer!” – High school participant in community justice workshop, 2016.

  • “I could think other culture, other language, other country is not so far from ours (Japanese).” – Exchange student participant in youth rights workshop, 2016.

  • “The activities helped us to learn a lot about youth rights in Canada. The activities are fun and really helpful to the foreigners in Canada.” – Exchange student participant in youth rights workshop, 2016.

  • “Congratulations on Year 1! This year was my first introduction to Many Rivers, and I honestly thought I was encountering an established, many-year-old project. The community involvement, high profile and professionalism–I thought you’d been doing this for ages! If this was only Year 1, I can’t imagine how successful it will be with growth. Cheers!” – Kelly Hodgins, May 2013.

  • “It was a great tool for future projects, as well as for this food bank project. It was very informative and inspiring in the sense that it increased my love for nature even more! Yay, sunflowers :)” – Participant in edible forest garden design workshop, 2013.

  • “inspired to start/finish my own projects. I want to do more! (on my own land as well as in the community-i see green grass everywhere, why aren’t we taking advantage of that for food security…)” – Participant in edible forest garden design workshop, 2013.

  • “You seemed really well prepared. I could tell you put a lot of time and effort into this workshop! So thanks to you! I learned a lot of new and interesting concepts that I will definitely look more into in the future! Keep up the amazing work!” – Lisa (Participant at Intro to Permaculture), 2012.

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