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Many Ways Collective

Welcome! Feel open to take a peek below at past work and sign up to our newsletter for future opportunities.

We warmly invite you into a series of spaces to develop and practice personal and social skills for community transformation.  We are offering creative activity and reflection spaces to question, reimagine and build wholeness into the systems in which we live, work, and collaborate. We will grapple and stretch, dig and plant seeds, to break open and grow individually and together.

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2022 Series - Seeding Solidarity & Composting Oppression

Location: Virtual; online on Zoom.

Dates: 6 sessions; second Wednesday of the month:

Attend one, attend some, or attend them all.

  1. April 13

  2. May 11

  3. June 8

  4. July 13

  5. August 10

  6. Sept 14

Time:  7 - 9pm Eastern Time / 8-10pm Atlantic Time.

  • Recordings will be shared only amongst the participants who attend the session, for review purposes.

Series Outcomes/Objectives:

  1. Broaden capacity to engage in practices for individual and collective ability to respond in these changing, complex times.

  2. Expand creativity and artistic tools for communicating in challenging situations and expressing future visions related to land, food sovereignty and belonging.

  3. Build connections with folks who are interested in deepening their relationships with land and envisioning enlivening futures.


Session Details & Registration Links: 

  1. April 13: Through the visual activity "Storylines," and inspired by patterns from the natural world, we will reflect on the pathways that have brought us to this convergence of seeding solidarity and composting oppression.
    Register for Only Session 1


  2. May 11: Using the creative tools of "Powerful Planning", we will apply an intersectional approach to notice all that we try to hold, focusing a lens on ‘what already works’ and designing tangible, contextual steps forward. 
    Register for Only Session 2


  3. June 8: The activity "Fair Shot" will develop our collective awareness of inequitable social structures and will imprint the practice of re-designing culture based on caring, equitable relationships. 
    Register for Only Session 3


  4. July 13: Re-Designing Hierarchy is an activity inspired by Theatre of The Oppressed, which will creatively challenge us to practice the transformation of societal structures that cause harm. Join this session with other farmers, community organizers, and envisioners of social change, to deepen our understanding of how hierarchies take shape in our lives, and practice re-designing them for more care, justice, and equity. Come ready to learn, work/play in small groups, and deeply discuss topics close to your heart and work.
    Register for Only Session 4


  5. August 10: Grief & Celebration Embodied
    Growers and organizers know the deep frustration and upset that parallels our efforts for transformative change. We know the anger of witnessing and experiencing injustices over and over, but we don't always make the time for the diverse expressions of grief. Nor do we necessarily prioritize celebrations of our successes when we meet our goals. 
    Together with peers we will creatively deepen our understanding of how we experience grief and celebration (mostly personal reflection with optional share back). Then we will share practices and strategies for how to incorporate grief and celebration into our movements, and end with a gently guided practice to build familiarity with one strategy.
    Being more confident in our relationships with grief and celebration can lighten our spirits, help us to balance the flows of emotions, and allow us to connect with each on a deeper level as we grow cultures of solidarity and care. 
    Register for Only Session 5

  6. Sept 14: We invite you to join us for the final gathering in this series, for a Tea House/Seed Saving session!  You’ll participate in a Tea (or other beverage) Meditation, offer (or hear) reflections, and discover what questions and actions related to Seeding Solidarity and Composting Oppression are alive in you now, as we venture into the fall and winter seasons. Please join in if you are curious!! Whether you are new to this series, or if you have participated previously, all are welcome.
    Register for Only Session 6



Sliding Scale: $30 - $60 per session or $180-$360 for the whole series

We are pleased to offer a range in our pricing in order to accommodate a diversity of participants.

Please note that the series will be capped at 30 participants to ensure everyone has a high quality, engaging and impactful experience.

Accessibility:  We are committed to making this series welcoming and accessible to all. Please let us know any needs you may have for full participation at least a week in advance and we will do our best to accommodate.

  • All sessions will be in English.

  • Live captions and transcription will be available through Zoom.

  • Participants are welcome to join as they are able, however using a device, such as a computer, that can simultaneously run Zoom and an internet browser (e.g., Firefox or Chrome) would allow full participation.


You're signed up. We'll be in touch!


Hannah Atkinson Renglich (she/her)

As a facilitator, consultant, and coach, Hannah works with individuals and groups that are ready to foster cultures of belonging and accountability as part of their organizational development. Hannah has a particular ability to support folks grappling with power and privilege in order to achieve their goals for multi-level transformation. Hannah's fields of practice span co-operative development, cross-cultural dialogue, local food systems, community economies, and popular education. She splits her time between Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Heather Thoma (she/her)

Heather's work and practice over 25 years has been kaleidescopic, with consistent elements being community relationships, land-based engagement and learning, within food, farming, creative arts, wellness, and social change.  She has lived and worked and connected deeply with places across Turtle Island.  She most recently has been wearing many hats within Ontario, in the NGO and small business/freelance worlds, doing organic/Biodynamic food growing with Loonsong Farm, group facilitation, meditation and energy work, and food systems coordination.

Paul Wartman (he/him)

Paul Wartman is a creative community facilitator and a farmer at Floreren Farm in Centrelea, Nova Scotia, Mi’kma’ki. Paul has worked with youth, adults, and communities in creative self-expression, social justice, and agriculture for 14 years. His services have facilitated food banks, schools, unions, community groups, farms, and many more in the intersecting topics of food sovereignty, agroecology, food justice, compassionate communication, peasant feminism, and organizational coordination.


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