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Wishing you a Mixed Feelings New Year!

Wishing you a Mixed Feelings New Year!

This is me and my baby, Roosje (pronounced: Roose, like Moose, + yuh, Roose-yuh). Growing with her through 2021 has been *full*. You might be able to see it in my face–the mingling of emotions, the cracking tall smile, the beaming teary-eyed wrinkles, the crisp white hairs on my chin. In a span of an hour of this photo, I was feeling sad, jubilant, soooo warmed, disconnected, and a whack of other emotions, which is a microcosm of the year. Perhaps you can relate to some point in 2021.

I love this photo.

Beyond being a lovely photo, this is a tool for me. In moments when I need relief, I go to it. It reminds me that I can be mixed up emotionally, and still have beautiful moments with my family and friends. It reminds me that I can celebrate my successes and grieve my losses simultaneously. It also incites me towards equity and justice because I have learned to be who I am (this beautiful beast you see), in part, from people who act for justice every day.

Do you have “tools” like this in your life?

When we strive to take better care of ourselves; extend our means to contribute to community efforts; interact with injustices with intentions to transform ourselves and the systems in which we live; these are all actions that take planning and are supported by simple, profound tools. Often we aren’t taught the tools that help us to reflect, vision, and act in a way that nurtures ourselves and the communities in which we live. People often ask, “how do you do that thing…”. But they’re easy to see/make once we learn how, and then, poof, with some practice, mini-revolutions are born.

Our collective 2022 is going to be what we make of it. How we plan, how we act, and how we respond has power. If you want a gentle nudge in making space for more creativity, compassion, and justice in your year, check out my facilitated Powerful Planning sessions.

Wishing you a Mixed Feelings New Year!

With so much love,

- Paul

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