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Overcoming Overwhelmed

Overcoming Overwhelmed

What simple tools do you access to collect yourself when feeling overwhelmed?

One that I was inspired to create and which forms the base of my Powerful Planning sessions is "What's Good In Hand?".

How To:

1. Take a breath (inspiration).

2. Trace your hand (with finger or pen on paper). Go as slow as what feels good for you and as many times as it feels good. For a stronger sensation, spiral your finger on your palm.

3. List 1 to 5 "needs" that you know you can access the means to uplift in this moment (e.g., call a friend for connection or jump up and down for physically-induced joy).

4. Do as many of these as you need to overcome overwhelmed.

Hopefully this helps you, like it has me, feel more secure/calm/powerful to make plans on how to best move forward.

You got this <3

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