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Nurturing Masculinity (and what parts of it look like)

Last night my grief was the setting sun. It was warm, brilliant, and held by my mountains of caring men in my life.

I wanted to share the strength of these men and what that looked like:

  • Accepted an invitation to celebrate and grieve together

  • Listened to each other; shared our own stories

  • Made space for all emotions and expressions, including sadness, choking up, and tears

  • Asked each other how we could better support each other

  • Told each other how much it meant to have each other in our lives, #loveyou

  • Spoke of how we were taking care of ourselves

Pretty sweet!

Would love to hear how caring men show up in your life, in metaphors or straight up (oOoOoOo vulnerable shares / normalizing nurturing masculinity <3)

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