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Decorate The Hand (Part 2 of Powerful Planning)

This is the second step of Powerful Planning process (after step 1: “What’s Good In Hand”).

Once you’re ready to make a move (perhaps after settling from being overwhelmed), what guides your action?

To your uniquely beautiful hand that you’ve traced in step 1, add symbols that represent: - People who you admire and model your behaviour after - A set of values or code of ethics - A spiritual community or practice - Somewhere outdoors - A literal guide book - Someone you trust and is there for you - Meditation, going inwards - What else could you add?

Go to these supports/resources to inspire and inform your actions Perhaps interacting with one every morning or turning to one when feelings stuck.

Having these first two steps completed are incredible tools for action and sets up a powerful base to leap into the Vision stage of Powerful Planning sessions. Doing this activity on your own is an inspiring process that may just gently catapult you into a flow of activity (you ready?!). If you’re interested in taking it to a deeper level, consider joining a facilitated session with me (direct message me if interested). You can do this solo or with a group of friends, co-workers, fam, or person(s) who you’re in conflict with.

Just in case you are curious, on my hand I drew a: - Hazelnut seedling; plants teach me about resiliency, diversity, cycles of life/death - Hairy mole; my body and all its constant transformations teach me about joy and grief - Pierced painted nail: queer, flamboyant, flashy, drag queens show me the limitless creativity of the human expression - Bright house; family brings me a sense of safety so I can breakdown, recharge, and celebrate - Ring; commitment to being informed by intersectional feminism and justice, to love all humans and work for equity

Hopefully this helps you, like it has me, feel more secure/calm/powerful to make plans on how to best move forward.

You got this

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