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Agroforestry and Indigenous Solidarity

How farmers and researchers can contribute to a just food system.

Paul will be presenting a free webinar on Agroforestry and Indigenous Solidarity via The Nutshell (Savanna Institute) on Tuesday June 19th, 6pm - 7pm. Would love if you joined in and shared this link around.

Register for free here:

In this Nutshell people can choose to actively participate in, or just listen to, a facilitated interactive tool that creatively plans:

1) How agroforestry could have comprehensive, tangible, positive impacts on your life,

2) What your greater vision(s)/goal(s) are for your life,

3) Where personal, societal, and environmental barriers exist to achieve your goals,

4) Assessing your skills to achieve goals and where community cooperation is required (especially with local Indigenous communities), and,

5) Planning smaller steps and taking short-term actions to achieve your longer-term goals

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