Facilitating for 14 years and 100s of sessions

Paul Wartman is a community facilitator who creates inspiring learning sessions to equip you with tools to reflect effectively and act powerfully

Are you or your group needing... 

Deeper understanding of complex topics?

More fun and less conflict in relationships?

Focus and motivation to stay committed to your goals?

Confidence to make your visions into reality?

Support with self-care?

A peek at what I can do for you:


Interactive programming for learning based in practice

Tools for improving interpersonal relationships

Creative and inspiring strategic planning processes

Sharing resources and instructions on how to use them

Empathizing, space holding, listening, and thoughtful guidance

Much more...

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"I can say with confidence that the space he can help create is fertile, warming and safe." - Maddie
"Paul - you are such a dynamic facilitator! Thank you for presenting in a non-judgemental way and making the concepts easy to grasp."
- Josh
"I recently consulted with Paul on facilitating a public discourse. His process was engaging and helped to bring out what I really cared about in my project, leading to meaningful and tangible outcomes that I was energized to put into action!"
- Nathan

Land Acknowledgement

We live and work on the traditional territory of the Mi'kmaq, also known as Mi'kma'ki, and Peace and Friendship Treaty Territory.

As a settler who is learning of the historical and ongoing violence of colonialism in this area and who works for the creation of a diverse community that benefits all people, I reflect on the following questions to guide my actions:

- What are the obligations to the people who first inhabited this land? 
- How do settlers on this land figure out what their responsibilities are? 
- How can we be good guests here? 
- How can we support existing local struggles? 
- And how can we support Indigenous self-determination in the longer term? 

Questions and dialogue continued from Fairfield Gonzales Community Association.