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White Supremacy and Me/Us/You

bell hooks introduced me to the comprehensive term: “White Supremacy”.

As I learned more about it, how it is embedded in our culture from policy, to physical structures, to beliefs, to science, to cycles of human harm, I noticed a lack of dialogue and action around it. My own life included. In recognizing the harm that it causes to me, my community and globally, I continuously work to address it. So, in my workshops and spaces that I help to co-create, we find ways to creatively include it. Literal poetry is one way to create dialogue and action; creating a rigid frame and filling it with a mash of words that come to mind on how the topic shows up in your life. Then sharing that poetry in spaces where others may be moved through the encounter.

If you and or your organization are looking for powerful and meaningful ways to engage in transforming systems of white supremacy, please reach out to me. I can facilitate processes, poetry included or not, to reflect on your context and help to plan steps to form more equitable and just relationships.


To be on top

Tools of violence used

Policies, behaviours, structures

Maintain, perpetuate

“Whiteness” hurting

My friends

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