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Tying a Connection Between Masters on Edible Forest Gardens and You!

So, I’m pretty excited.

November 2012 was when I was finishing the amazing internship/life experience at Ignatius CSA & Farm where I learned the trade of organic market gardening (and belly chuckles, which is a game that is amplified when done in a willow dome). Soon after I took part in the IMPACT! Sustainable Champions Training session with The Natural Step and The Cooperators. From that I became part of a huge community working towards community sustainability and I gained access to the IMPACT! Fund, which would allow me to carry out a project in my community. Aweee-some.

Here’s what happened next… I love healthy food systems and helping to grow an engaged community through food. You know who else loves that? EcoSource, which is an environmental educational non-for-profit in Mississauga. Pretty awesome, especially since Mississauga is my hometown. So, we got together and chatted. Now we are collaborating to plan, design, and plant an edible forest garden pilot project. Yupppp (as we say in Mississauga while waving our finger to the sky). This is going to be built up over time with the help of community workshops and participants’ data. Ain’t that something!

Another development, now in 2013!

I talked with some profs about building a thesis-based masters out of this project…and tagging on two more sites. Not for excitements sake, but for variance and validity in research. I guess we will see what happens. Literally…

This website will be where the good stuff pours out. I’m talking videos, blogs, pictures, maybe even a graph or two! I am assembling a team of collaborators that will help me put that together, because collaboration brings out the best in me (ah yeah).

I guess I should’ve mentioned this before, but listening to Matchbox 20 while reading this really pulls the emotions that I was feeling at the time. Yep!

If you are interested in getting involved or being part of a workshop send me an email

Thanks and good eatin’! -Paul Lion

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