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Written July 30, 2013

So, these days I am applying for some Teaching Assistant positions for the fall semester and having some pretty cool time for reflection. I’ve included how I like to teach, which is a constantly growing and recycling curve of progress for me.

Check it out and let me know what you think

Perhaps I’ll use this space to give you a bit of my character instead of just listing off my qualifications. Some (supervisors) often say to leave this piece out of cover letters because it’s very much “Paul”, but I feel it helps to introduce myself before I meet you.

I find that I get uplifted when someone shares information in a way that is accessible and is gilded with positivity. I’ve really tried to incorporate this into all of my lesson plans. I make use of multiple symbols and models when presenting a new, and possibly difficult, issue. I create space for interaction and lead with humility and vulnerability so that others feel comfortable sharing their ideas. Building upon feedback from past workshops, I’ve learned how to incorporate multiple styles of learning to accommodate as many types of learners as possible, as well as making it more fun. Based off of personal experience in education in which negativity is used to generate action, I’ve consciously made the effort to acknowledge the existing problems, but to move forward with solution-based content.

I’m a flexible, moving, and fun presenter that adapts to my learning environment and encourages participation. Sometimes I even turn the class into a potluck-I find that everyone loves food.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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