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Good Grief

Good Grief

Dip into warmth

Tear-stung eyes open throat

Let lungs empty from bottom up

River flows over bank


I’m listening to The National, Bon Iver, and Taylor Swift. Loving it, writing poetry. These three, specifically their collaborations, hit some great notes of grief in me. Do you have any songs that are cathartic for you? Do you have any metaphors for your grief? A changing river captures many of my experiences.

There’s a power in grief. I’ve been super excited and nervous to be co-creating a workshop series with two people who I greatly admire. Grief is something we want to include in it. There’s something about grief that plays into the metaphor of composting; of letting go of past harm, transforming old oppressive habits, making space for something different to come in. So, we’re grief’ing it up. Stay tuned.

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