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Community Fruit Tree Plantings with Tree Mobile

Written May 1, 2013

I’ve just moved into my new house in Guelph, which is right on a main road. One thing that is awesome about it is that I get to see so many people biking and walking by, each one giving me a little burst of “Yes!”-energy. That’s a really nice feeling about Guelph – so many things that create the environment of “Oh yeah!”-energy. It just feels good.

This past Saturday I participated with Tree Mobile, which is a grass roots volunteer organization based in Guelph, Ontario with an aim to foster food sovereignty, community, health, happiness, education, and dirty hands! It’s part of the Transition Town movement that is increasingly bring more good energy to our town, Guelph. We got out into the community to plant 950 food plants!!! I choked and laughed a little bit when I heard that number. Quite something, ain’t it? There were 7 different types of apples a bunch of pear varieties, cherries, haskaps, asparagus, rhubarb (oh my!), rasberries, black ones toooo, hardy kiwis, and a couple other good things. All good things.

The way it works is community members order what plants they want online ( and then a bunch of good volunteers distribute and plant them. Pretty cool.

Wanna see how it works?

What’s even cooler is that some of the volunteers have great experience with planting trees, so we had a tutorial on how to plant trees properly. Great! The link for the video How-To is within that clip up there ^^.

So now, 950 new food-producing plants are out there in the Guelph community. Ready to burst into production and create even more of that “Oh Wow”-energy in our environment. One can never have enough of that type of energy, yah?

Really happy to be back in Guelph and to be taking part in positive actions like this. It was good prep for the 36 apple trees I’ll be planting for my research, too

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