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Call our for co-facilitators and interested participants

Are you interested in a workshop series like this, either as a co-facilitator or a participant?

This picture was inspired by the powers that seeds have to heal and literally transform multiple systems. When I drew this I was considering offering a workshop series named "Seeding Solidarity & Composting Oppression" to create spaces to practice social skills for community healing and transformation. It would be geared towards growers/farmers who are learning about and practicing justice, agroecology, food sovereignty, and all the fun related topics ;) Picture activities like Theatre of The Oppressed for actually practicing transforming social interactions from harmful to supportive; creative reflection activities for powerfully planning how to grow collective support systems; poetry and drawing and storytelling to reimagine the systems in which we live and to practice communicating our ideas to elected policy makers. Uplifting stuff like that, which is necessary for system change, but can sometimes be daunting and unfamiliar. I want to participate more in the space of co-creating an emerging strategy for this. How about you?

I don't quite have the courage at this point to do it solo. Or perhaps I have the experience to know that this kind of a project would require a pretty badass, nerdy, and diverse team of facilitators/trainers. But I’m taking a step, like planting a wee seed :)

Does just the title grab at anything in you?

Is there any interest at all from the small description?

What social skills do you think are necessary at this time in order to transform these systems we live in?

Lots of questions. I'd love to hear your answers, even if it's a "nope". You can comment here, direct message me, or email me at


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