An Introduction

Hey, I’m Paul Wartman.

I grow nut tree seedlings and medicinal herbs (with my partner ilana at Floreren Farm). I also create inspiring spaces to equip people with tools to reflect effectively and act powerfully!

In short, I facilitate people to have better relationships with themselves, other people, and with the land.

Here’s a peek at what I get up to and a recent testimonial from Mara Shaw, the executive director of the National Farmers Union.

“A truly professional facilitator! Paul created a mental health course for the NFU that brought out the very best in every participant. Who knew mental health could be so much fun? Paul's positive, arts-based, engaging workshop series had us building our health toolbelt. We all came away stronger, invigorated, and with the tools we needed to take on a pandemic. Paul facilitated with enormous skill and generosity. He's a great leader and listener -- a mix of skill sets so very needed in this role. I would recommend him for any facilitation you need. He will come prepared and keen to help you however you need." - Mara Shaw, Executive Director, National Farmers Union

Big invite to connect on LinkedIN, Facebook, and Instagram (links at the bottom) and email to say hello at

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